Hello, fellow artists (As in the ART of standing).

I thought I would give you an update on my latest adventures. Friday morning I was putting on my shoes to go and celebrate Suzie’s day off with errands and Mexican food. Yum. But when I sat back up, I noticed a blurry circle in the upper left corner of my right eye, the one that had the surgery. 

Well aware of the meaning of this, I called my retina doctor and headed to Nashville for him to take a look. By the time I got there, I was basically blind in my right eye. Colors and blur, but nothing recognizable.

In short, a small amount of scar tissue had formed which pulled the rest of my retina off thanks to a genetic predisposition for this sort of thing.

It wasn’t much of a stretch to guess this meant more surgery. Because the damage was “through the center” (doctor’s term meaning my retina had detached everywhere except where the last laser surgery had been) it was deemed not an emergency. (Hmm?)

My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday the 18th. This time, according to the doctor, they’re going to “throw the kitchen sink at it.” The plan, at the moment, is to do the same laser treatment for the rest of my eye and fill it with an oil bubble, which may or may not be permanent, to keep things in place.

On the positive side, I like my doctors, the timing couldn’t be better and it’s extremely motivating. It is possible the entire thing will be finished during Christmas break and I can get back to work teaching audio engineering.

I’ve spent the day reviewing all of the ways Suzie and I used to stay encouraged during her cancer calamity. I’m feeling positive even though it’s no fun being unable to see out of one eye.

But one thing is certain – I do NOT have this covered.

It’s important for me to admit that some parts of life are totally out of my control. It will take a team of doctors, a lot of prayers and the healing power of God to solve this. Even a brilliant eye surgeon wouldn’t operate on himself.

What I do control is my response.

I can pray. I can keep my perspective. I can make good choices. I can choose good thoughts. I can call my friends. I can ask for prayer. I can be grateful for the sight I’ve had and what sight I still have.

One good eye is awesome!

And I can have a cup of hot chocolate like I’m sipping right now. Mmm. That’s enough for the moment. Stay tuned for some crazy thoughts and some big changes, God willing.

And thank you for your prayers.

P.S. For those of you who didn’t see it, I posted a chapter of the book late last night . . . very late. Here’s a link: The Gift


Photo by Alina Kovalchuk on Unsplash

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