The Great Remembering

You would think it would be obvious what Memorial Day is about. Wikipedia calls it,”a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces.” Seems simple enough. But in today’s tumbleweed culture the word roots applies more to hair color than to foundational truths.

Barak Obama spent the week leading up to Memorial day traveling to Vietnam and Hiroshima to honor the “victims” of the “evil” bombs dropped on Japan. That’s the warped half-truth he said we must never forget. “We come to mourn the dead,” he said and called for a “moral revolution” to end nuclear weapons.

Historical Alzheimer’s

Forgotten was the fact that Japan started the war against us, without warning, violating international law. Forgotten was the brutal treatment of prisoners, the Bataan death march, the atrocities in Nanking, the destruction in Korea. Unmentioned were the 50,000 Korean slaves killed and 40,000 more injured not to mention Chinese slaves and prisoners. Medical experiments and torture were never mentioned. The scant survival rate of prisoners of war was skipped over.

Obama never mentioned the actual war: the kamikaze planes, the banzai charges, the beheading of captives, the destruction of the world for sheer greed and power. The battles were not named: Pearl Harbor, Southeast Asia, Coral Sea, Midway, New Guinea, the Solomons, Guadalcanal, Saipan, the Philippine Sea, Leyte Gulf, the Philippines, Iwo Jima, Burma, Borneo, China, Okinawa, Guam, Tarawa, Palau and more. The individual battles for ridges and patches of muddy ground like Kakazu Ridge or Sugar Loaf Hill were forgotten.

The Unmentioned

Individual soldiers were not recalled any more than the countless grains of sand my father ate on Okinawa and Guam and unnamed places. My uncle who served on the U.S.S. Arizona wasn’t spoken about. In fact, not a single soldier, marine, sailor, pilot, seabee, frogman, radio operator, code talker, nurse, medic, mechanic, submariner, torpedo man, cook or merchant marine was discussed. Heroes were ignored. There were no hints of family sacrifices.

The cold calculation required to start an unprovoked unlimited war on one side of the globe while partnering with the Nazis and Fascists that had Europe in flames wasn’t reported.

WorldWarII-DeathsByAlliance-PiechartLess Than Half The Story

World War II was the deadliest, most horrifying bloodbath in human history. Three percent of the world’s population was killed by the Japanese, Nazis and Fascists. No one can ever know the number but world-wide estimates are staggering. Over 80 million people died, most of them innocent civilians.

The lives of many survivors were destroyed, their money stolen, their animals killed, their productivity gone. Enslavement and misery were spread around the globe. Dreams were stolen. Families that could have been were not. An entire race of harmless people was systematically turned to smoke. The good all of these people could have done was lost for all time.

The Japanese army killed more than 20 million people in China, many of them women and children in the most brutal fashion ever imagined by the mind of mankind including biological and chemical warfare.

And yet, sitting United States President Barak Obama took five days before memorial day to travel to Vietnam and Hiroshima to lecture us on our morality.

Memorial Day Is Bigger Than One War

All of the wars the United States has ever fought are wrapped up in Memorial Day. All of the soldiers from the Revolutionary War to the current soldiers who are dying in Afghanistan are included. All of this sacrifice was done, not by professional soldiers, but by average Americans who were willing to put their lives on the line.

They had lives to live and better things to do than battle. They left the battlefield and went home to resume what was left of their lives. They were not conquerors in search of world domination. They left all of the hard-fought, blood-bought territory behind. The spoils of war were not stolen. No one was enslaved. No one was cremated. Prisoners were released. Enemy soldiers were allowed to go home. Aid was given. Money was loaned. Social order was protected.

These things did not have to be.

The Gaps

Once you realize the gaping holes in the history that’s being presented to us, one great question appears––”Why?”

Why take the week before Memorial Day to portray America in the worst possible light? Why demand, out of context and in spite of history, that we need to revolutionize our morality? Why is evil being selectively and deceptively presented? Why is blame for the world’s greatest conflict being transferred to the citizens of the United States?

The Lies

You might say it’s just politics. Do you expect the truth from a politician? What harm can a lie do?

On this point I want to be very clear – one man’s lies started World War II. He lied to the German public. He systematically used schools to separate children from their parents with the Brownshirts. He lied that the Jews were responsible for Germany’s problems. He lied to dehumanize them and make the Holocaust seem like a solution. He lied to the Jews to get them into the Ghettos. He lied to them to get them passively into the gas chambers. He lied to the Russians to keep them out of the fight. He lied to persuade Christians while practicing a twisted paganism. He lied to muslims to turn them into part of his war machine. He lied that Germans were a super race.

It was all a lie.

Japanese militarists lied to their people about the Chinese to unleash hatred in unthinkable ways. They lied that the Americans would eat their children to the point that soldiers and civilians committed suicide to prevent a fiction. They lied about medical experimentation, chemical and biological weapons. When the bombs were dropped the Japanese public thought they were winning the war.

It’s this simple: lies kill.

Why Does This Matter To Me?

Freedom of speech is one of the founding principles of this country for good reason. The Bible puts it this way – all men are liars. The corruption of lies can only be washed away by a fountain of truth.

Complacency is the enemy of truth. We don’t have to participate in the lies. We just have to stand by in silence.

The corrupting lies by socialists, atheists, race-baiters, politicians, teachers, entertainers, scientists, heavily financed institutions and foundations in this country are growing ever bolder. They rail against the foundations of the nation. Religion and family are openly mocked. Democracy is derided. Capitalism is vilified. Government is magnified. The sacred core convictions of my family are made into jokes.

Any possible human weakness is exploited. People’s religious convictions are being outlawed. Ridicule is used as a weapon. Freedom is being wiped away in favor of ever more oppressive politically controlled thought.

The lies and misinformation are no longer subtle. History is being replaced by propaganda. Over and over again we hear America is at fault.

The President’s unprecedented trip to ground zero after Vietnam is a calculated attempt to make us feel guilty, to shame us and perform moral jujitsu. Our highest elected official challenging our morality is yet a further insult to years of unwarranted apologies.

It is time to stand up for the truth.

This Is Personal For All Of Us

My grandfather was attacked by a weapon of mass destruction when Germany gassed him during World War I. He barely survived. Had he not, I wouldn’t be here.

My father and his brothers were farm boys from Mississippi who grew up with a knowledge of the dangers of war and still went when their country called. My dad was waiting to attack the Japanese mainland when the bomb was dropped. Had my father not survived the landing I wouldn’t be writing this today.

I probably owe Harry Truman and the Manhattan Project team my life.

The Truth

War was declared. Multiple warnings were issued by leaflet and radio. No warnings were needed as the full might and intentions of the U.S. had already been amply demonstrated. All of Japan’s major and many smaller cities had been devastated by incendiary bombs. The Japanese were surrounded and driven back to their home islands. Germany and Italy had already capitulated. When Russia officially declared war on Japan, every significant power on earth was aligned against them. Yet still they fought on.

Top secret for forty years, we now have the declassified plans for Operation Downfall to take Japan. It was more than twice as large at the D-Day landings yet it was still less than half the number the Japanese made allowances for in defense plans. The Japanese military had no intentions of surrender and had trained their soldiers to die before capitulation. Experience proved they would do it.

It would take something beyond belief to make them change their minds. An atomic bomb did not do it. Let’s take that in for a moment. An atomic bomb was not enough to make Japan surrender. Hiroshima was vaporized. Japanese scientists were flown the same day to the sight and confirmed it as an atomic weapon. Yet, they fought on.

The Proof

More than anything else, this proves the need for the atomic bomb – it required two of them.

One apocalypse was not enough. This one fact reveals the mindset of the Japanese command. But there is more. There is an even more compelling reason to believe that we are not the evil that we have been made out to be.

Beyond all of the above, there is one reason that I sleep at night with a clear conscience. There is one powerful fact that demonstrates that our moral compass is not wrong, that we do not need a moral revolution, one reason that I know we are not monsters.

After Little Boy and Fat Man, there was a third bomb that remains unnamed for one reason – we never dropped it.



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