I woke up this morning a little after 3 AM to meditate on life and the state of the world. Who knows why? These things happen. After a while it was obvious that I wasn’t going back to sleep, so Nessie and I decided to investigate the refrigerator. You know, just for a security sweep. It pays to be aware. And that’s when I noticed.

Thanks to a (wonderful) neighbor who keeps his exterior lights set on nuclear wasteland all night, we sleep with shades and blinds drawn because the pulsing patterns of blood vessels through your eyelids get annoying when you’re trying to sleep and my solar eclipse sunglasses always fall off. Anyway, as I walked into the kitchen I realized my iPhone flashlight was no longer necessary.

Outside was beautifully illuminated by a pale blue light. In spite of the fact that I was ill-clad and the temperature was 27°, when I opened the patio door for Nessie I leaned out to take a look. What I saw inspired me to forgo the everpresent iPhone camera and reach for larger glass. The result, unfiltered or processed, appears above.

This, of course, only hints at the beauty of the scene as the entire countryside was reprocessed and filtered by God’s Photoshop and the world was viewed anew, colors muted, in crisp shades of blue. Breathtaking. Peaceful. Mesmerising.

Did I mention 27°?

If it weren’t for the temperature/clothing issue, I would still be out there. Instead, my oh-so-awake brain led me to my computer to share the moment with you and a comment.

You see, my Facebook was alive with politics and I am usually all in but the perspective of that moon held my focus. The sun is an essential miracle that drives the engine of life from a carefully measured 93 million or so miles away. I could go on. And have. But the moon. That’s a different story.

Scientists say that without its gravity stirring the world’s oceans that life would cease to exist on this planet but that doesn’t account for the beauty of the scene before me. The reflected light of the sun could be written off as a simple result of geometry but the awesomeness of the sight cannot. The fact that I was here at this time, in this place, to see it and had the capacity to experience the wonder of it all cannot be ignored.

I See God

I see intent and design beyond mere need. I look up into the night sky and see the universe turning silently on invisible bearings, never disappointing, far beyond the scope of my imagination. The delicate balances are, thank God, beyond the reach of human touch, for we would surely wreck it just to see if we could.

No committee on the moon had to stay up and make sure it remained full all night. No government regulations were required. No mewling college students or pontificating politicians were needed. No reporter thought to remark on the state of the moon or commented on the hand-wringing need for more light on some days and the unfair abundance of beauty on others.

God takes care of the theater and lighting and stage upon which we strut. We simply assume it is our destiny.

But such a tiny troupe on such a magnificent stage should give one pause, don’t you think? I am reminded of the story of a friend who told me his life was entirely changed on the night he looked up in wonder and simply said, “Thank you for the moon.”


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