To Tell The Truth . . .

The truth cannot be told once in a while. We can’t remind ourselves of the truth once a week or once a month or once an election cycle. That’s what we would prefer. We think the truth should be obvious by now. We’re afraid of being boring. We think everyone should get the message and that should be that. 

But that’s not how it works. 

The truth is under constant, never-relenting attack. Every day. Every hour. Because you don’t fight wars on the weekends. And that is what is happening. This is a war. 

You fight a war against the truth by telling lies. This would seem to give the lies the advantage because there are endless lies. You can make up lies by the bushel basket. By the hour. By the minute. Disputing and disproving lies is like drinking from a fire hose. They seem overwhelming, unstoppable.

But when you look at the truth, it doesn’t change.

It seems like the truth has a marketing problem because we are so wired to be triggered by new information. It’s our brain’s way of detecting trouble. New information is given priority because it might be dangerous. It attracts our attention and puts all of our receivers on maximum sensitivity. 

In an information age where we are hyper-connected and overstimulated, the lies take up most of our time. We feel the need to sort through them and argue about them. Lies are news and the truth is old news. Lies get magazine covers and TV specials and make headlines while the truth sits quietly on the sidelines being true. 

We get tired of pointing out the truth when no one seems to listen. We get ridiculed and de-platformed and ostracized and even fired for daring to tell the truth. The truth has been deemed dangerous and unfashionable and irrelevant and anyone who brings it up is a menace to society. It’s a whole new world, they declare. 

But it’s not. 

The truth has never been popular. It has always been dangerous. And those who speak it have always been in danger of losing everything down to their very lives. All people through all of time have wished to change the truth into something more palatable, or twist it into something more fashionable. But with all of this effort, through all of these years, one thing has become clear. 

The truth remains. 

That is the hidden strength of the truth. It’s simple. We don’t have to keep up with version numbers. There are no truth updates. The truth is the bedrock beneath it all, immoveable unchangeable.

Because God is the truth and we have no power at all to change Him. 

But we do have the responsibility to declare the truth so that those caught up in the fight do not lose hope or sight of it. We have one job and that is to be witnesses of the truth. It’s not a difficult job because the truth remains the same.

Even if it is dangerous.

Let us take strength from the witnesses who have gone before us, who have stood for the truth and not faltered. For one day too soon we will all leave this life. And in that day there is no lie that will save us. 

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The Dangerous Truth

If you write anything it should be the truth. And if you’re ever going to tell the truth, it should be on your own website. But there’s a problem with the truth. It is no respecter of persons. It doesn’t care who you are.

The truth divides.

Even Jesus, who called Himself the Way, the Truth, and the Life, said it like this:

Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. ~ Luke 12:51

That’s how the truth works. When truth hits anything untrue it doesn’t give way. Truth doesn’t change or bend or accommodate. It stays true.

Politics is about power and compromise. But truth doesn’t compromise. If it did, then it would no longer be the truth. The same applies to political correctness. You notice they don’t say political truth. To be politically correct means to be not true.

And since politics has set itself up as the truth, there can only be serious conflicts with the actual truth.

All of this to say that we now have a choice. If we speak the truth, we are political. If we speak political correctness, we are not speaking the truth. So, many solve this conflict by not speaking at all. Which was the political goal all along.

So, this is a heads up. I’m not going political. I’m just going to speak the truth. Which will seem political. And divisive.

But that’s what happens when immovable truth hits a political object. Something has to give.


Photo: Crash by Peter (Pro) via Flickr.
Corangamite,Victoria,Australia on the Great Ocean Road.