Today is the day I put off yesterday.

There are hard things to do. There are people to love. There are responsibilities that come with that.

If I’m going to pursue my dreams, now is the time, in the middle of all the other things pressing in. That’s always been the way. Today is no different.

If there were endless time and money and ability we would never have to choose. We would never have to decide what’s really important to us. We would never have to expose who we are by choosing.

We wouldn’t need character or discipline. We wouldn’t need courage. We could just take things as they come knowing we could always get back to important things later.

The urgent would always take priority over the important, which we could always delay. It would be dreadful.

So today I’m forced to choose, to eliminate the unimportant, to be ruthless in my priorities, to commit before God and man. That’s why God invented time. That’s why we have an expiration date.

Otherwise we would postpone ourselves.

In the choices I make today I will reveal to all who I am. May I choose wisely, act courageously and be worth all of the love that’s been invested in me.



Photo: Sunrise in the harbor of Anzio, Lazio, Italy by Moyan_Brenn via Flickr