What do professional Class V whitewater river guides do in their spare time? They rock climb and kayak and whatever this is . . .

Josh Hoppstadter and Summer Wofford  had no idea they could do it. They just thought it would be fun to try and happened to be good at it. This was their 3rd attempt with a total of four hours worth of practice. I have a feeling it would take me a little longer.

They did it for the same reason I first picked up my Dad’s guitar. Or tried the piano. Or moved to Nashville with no firm job. Or left for the mountains with only a fresh dream in front of me. They did it with no proper research and no university training. They did it knowing they could fail completely.

And they didn’t care.

Because they knew, instinctively, that the most dangerous thing a person can ever do is to never try. Because the potential of life is always in front of us. And only the memories we make lie behind. Our defining abilities are imagination and courage. Because, to begin with,  that is only and all that we have.