Here’s the idea. I’m going to force myself to write my book in public. This will be the unedited first draft. I make absolutely no promises that a reasonable editor will not blue-line most of this, given the chance. I have no idea if I will be able to keep up apace. I have no idea if you will like it. So, how about we find out together.

The goal is to post whatever I write during the week. It could be out of sequence or be isolated scenes for a while. I could go back and re-write sections. I’ll post a note on the blog for those who want to keep current. It’s simply a grand, scary experiment.

You are free to make comments, although I reserve the right to delete anything unpleasant. Suzie might make her thoughts known, or not. The goal here is simply to get the story told. The main page is HERE and the dedication is already there. Chapter One starts in the morning.

Thank you for playing along. I hope you enjoy it.

Dennis R. Ritchie

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